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Preppy Skirts for Kids | Designs & Colors you should know

A very modern dress style is preppy skirts, which have been developed as a charming look for kids and young girls. This is a quintessential garment that is required in this modern era at some parties and functions as a touch of youthful charm. In this attractive fashion dress, you …

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How to create a sleeve tattoo design?

How to create a sleeve tattoo design? Whenever you pass through the softly lit tattoo shop, you listen the sound of machines that match the rhythm of your heartbeat. The skilled artists always drew beautiful detailed designs on your skin. You must have thought and understood the artist just not …

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Mandala Tattoo Designs Gallery for Men & Women

First of all, let us say that the word “mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word “circle,” which signifies oneness, wholeness, federation, etc., while Mandala tattoos have become more popular in the last few decades among the tattoo art industry. According to some official publications, this pattern has a long history …

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