Top 9 Most Expensive Clothing Brands In US

American made clothing brands choose to make their clothing in the USA because of their company’s ethos. Some brands believe hands-on manufacturing makes their product better. Some feel a responsibility to support their local communities.

And others see local manufacturing as a way to improve transparency and sustainability. The brands on this list claim to cut and sew a reasonable percentage of their clothing in the USA. These brands use domestic or imported fabrics, please verify on each brands product pages.


Calvin Klein is an expensive brand in the United States. They sell clothing for both men and women, as well as jeans, make-up, fragrances, towels, and other household items. Their creations are fashionable and modern. Calvin Klein items are known for their elegance and quality, making them the most popular and valuable.

People prefer Calvin Klein because of the unique design and elegance that it adds to their clothing. Its costs vary from medium to high, according to the item. Basic T-shirts and jeans may cost around $50; yet, expensive items such as dresses, jackets, and coats might cost several thousand dollars.


Nike is a famous and expensive clothing brand in the United States. With annual sales of $30.6 billion, Nike is the go-to name for outstanding clothing. People from every field of life like having Nike clothing in their closets. Nike’s USP is its easy and stylish sneakers, which are suitable for both athletes and those who love exercise. 

They provide a range of colors and customization possibilities for their products, making them a favorite among many. Their choice includes alternatives for men, women, and children that are suitable for a variety of sports and physical activities. Nike’s clothing costs range from budget-friendly essentials to high-end goods.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a famous and expensive American clothing brand with a yearly income of $7.6 billion. Polo Ralph Lauren, founded in 1967, represents casual quality and has grown over time.

As a symbol of American prosperity, it became a key cultural component of rap music in the 1990s. Today, the brand is recognized for its long history and popularity. The current design includes logo-adorned sports shirts and amazing knitwear, which will cater to both classic and contemporary design fans. Ralph Lauren is well-known for its neat and attractive designs, and clients are willing to pay for the quality.

 Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a prominent and expensive clothing brand in the United States, recognized for its attractive and luxurious designs. This company, which earns $4.4 billion each year, is famous for creating special outfits for celebrities such as former President Michelle Obama. Michael Kors’ creations appear in high-profile films and songs to show his impact on the public eye. Michael Kors, the brand’s owner, is also known for his donations to charity, especially cancer research and worldwide famine help.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand that sells clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes, and home items. It’s the most expensive clothing brand in the US and makes $3.6 billion each year. According to the discussion call, their earnings per share increased by 20%. Their unique selling point is the sleek American logo that they represent.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is a premium and expensive clothing brand from the United States. It is known for its rich and beautiful designs. Many celebrities and prominent figures purchase their clothing, reflecting their excellent quality and timeless designs. Their products include luxurious fabrics and complex designs, which are attractive to those who enjoy high-end fashion. Despite the expensive pricing, it remains famous among designers who value quality and uniqueness.

Levi Straus

Levi’s is a famous and expensive clothing brand in the United States, well known for its jeans. It is the most popular jeans brand in America, known for its ease of wearing, variety, suitability, and colors. With roughly a yearly revenue of $4.8 billion, Levi’s has faced competition in the fast-paced fashion business. Economic difficulties and late innovation hurt Levi’s sales in 2008, but the company recovered by investing in new tactics. They entered growing markets like India, Russia, and China and enhanced their shopping experience. Levi’s has also widened its market by producing clothes for women instead of men’s pants. These strategies helped Levi’s sustain its appeal and adjust to changing customer preferences.


Adidas is a renowned and expensive clothing brand in the United States. Against competition from larger American brands like Nike and Under Armour, Adidas chose the US market. They’ve made major investments in designing and manufacturing products for US customers.

This plan proved successful at the end of 2016, with Adidas’ US sales growing by 30% over the year before. The approach of developing special products just for the United States proved successful, proving the company’s commitment to developing in the country.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a popular and pricey sports clothing brand in the United States. They make $3.1 billion each year and are one of the top sports companies in the country. Recently, their sales have gone up by 20%, while Adidas’s sales have dropped by 23%. Despite ranking #3 in sneaker sales behind Nike and Jordan, the brand has been increasing momentum in apparel sales, garnering 14% of the market in the United States. Their concentration on sports gear has been important to their growth, showing their edge in the sector.


In the end, the eight expensive American clothing brands showcase a combination of luxury and fashion and have an impact on international style. From iconic names like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren to sports activity giants Nike and Under Armour, each brand has a precise appeal and great craftsmanship. Despite various marketplace-demanding situations, those manufacturers hold tendencies and cater to many consumer options, making them pillars of the USA-style industry. Whether it is high-give-up beauty, athletic performance, or informal elegance, the brands exemplify the enduring enchantment of American style on a global scale. For more info visit


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